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So, it’s been a fair while since any progress has been entered into this place. This is not alarming to me, as there has been so much going on. I’m nearing the end of the house buying saga, and then begins part 2 – moving. Not really looking forward to that, but hey what can you do? All part of growing up!

Will all of the organising going on – collecting items for the place, writing up budgets, beginning the boxing up…I haven’t had time to do much in the digital realm. So I am in the process of catching up with other people’s progress. I was reading up on the writing progress of Laney’s story and I came across a particular post. This got me thinking and I wrote a reply. From this I have had an idea and so I’m now off to research for this next nugget of information.

Knowing that I will be leaving my childhood home in a matter of weeks is both exciting and daunting – I have been in the same house my entire life, so all my memories are here. It’s crazy to think that I will no longer be in the same place and will be beginning my own journey into the unknown. It makes me feel a little lost, but I’m sure I will work it out fairly quickly.

It’s also amazing to think, that before I turned 25, I am getting into the property market. I know that it’s a big step and it means I’m moving into the next phase. But honestly, I still enjoy having spare time, working on things that I want to and not have to worry too much about other mundane tasks. So a part of me wants to hold onto that, and continue being a “kid” for as long as possible. I just don’t want the real world to extinguish the flame of possibility and imagination that I still have bouncing around in my head every second, as these thoughts allow me to construct some interesting ideas and find ways around obstacles. That’s one of the reasons I write this, to keep my brain clicking, looking at things in different ways and not just accepting what they are. If I ever did, I would be quite bored I think.


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