getting MIDI to work with Ableton


MIDI – check!

MIDI is cool, when it works. I have been having difficulty getting it to work with Ableton, which was quite annoying, as I need to be able to use the keyboard so I can create beats. So the steps that I took yesterday after reading the instructions and watching a couple of videos on youtube, I did all the recommended steps and NOTHING.

Went for a bit of a search on the Ableton forums, didn’t turn up anything. So I gave up. Today I turned it on and tried again and BAM! Worked first go! Don’t ask me why, it just did!

So if you are trying to use your MIDI keyboard through a MIDI to USB controller check out this video….(will find the one I used) In the meantime, follow these 4 steps!

Once you have set up Ableton to accept MIDI input, follow these steps:

1. Turn on your keyboard
2. Connect the keyboard to the MIDI/USB controller
3. Connect the MIDI/USB controller
4. Turn on your DAW

If you turn on the DAW before connecting the keyboard to the MIDI/USB controller or before connecting the controller to the laptop, Ableton will not recognise your keyboard! If only I had know that at the start! I know for next time!

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