Increasing Your Imagination – Ways To Open Your Mind

If you are the type of person who likes to create things, whether they are real, in your mind or you are actually going to build them, you need to allow yourself to be overcome with stimuli and let your imagination run free. What happens when life gets in the way? What can you do to get around it?

1. Music – I know this doesn’t work for everyone, but it is definitely worth trying. First, turn on your iPod/music device or computer and turn to your favourites playlist (see my post on creating good playlists) and make sure random is ON. Then, lay or sit in a way that you find comfortable and will allow you to relax. This allows you to forget about the things that you have been doing during the last 24 hours and frees your mind. Slowly, you will start to hear the lyrics in a song and will begin to have images floating in your mind. Many ideas will begin to form.

2. Doodle – It doesn’t matter if you can’t draw, just grab a scrap piece of paper and a pen and go nuts! Let your hand do whatever it wants, and eventually, you will start drawing patterns and making decisions about what you will draw next (see one of the doodles I have done) without even knowing why.

3. Close your eyes – Or sit in a dark room, with no stimuli. It may seem boring, and this may not work for you. Once you have laid there for a little while, imagine a white room. Then imagine a dot is on the floor. What is the dot? What does the dot become? Does it grow, change colour, make random noise or does it begin to transform and explode to create a new background; a jungle, underground labyrinth or open plains? Try to keep the movie in your head changing by introducing random objects and incorporate them into the scene. You will be surprised of the things that will come to you.

4. Word association – Grab a scrap piece of paper and a pen. Sit still for a moment, then write the first word that comes into your head. Without thinking for any period of time, say that word to yourself and then write the first word that comes into your head after hearing that word. Keep repeating this until you have a large list of words or you are thinking of words already on the list. Use this list to picture a scene and the actions that occur in it.

You can also try to find questions to think about. Here is a website that asks questions that will make you think about what you believe and do. Definitely a good way to get ideas flowing and to hear from others.

Hopefully I have inspired you! Read on in part 2!



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3 replies on “Increasing Your Imagination – Ways To Open Your Mind

  1. I had completely forgotten the word association exercise – by far I believe it to be the most effective. so how did I forget? The music always wins, because I love to listen, and I can do it everywhere. But, I don’t need to lay back – my favourite place to get inspiration whilst listening to music is on the treadmill!


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