The internet is a big place, and sometimes discovering useful and interesting information is difficult. For useful links that I have discovered, please see the list below, or check out my more detailed posts relating to the various websites I’ve come across. If you have some sites that you think should be on this list, reach out and let me know!


One of the amazing tools that I have come across in recent years is AutoHotkey. It has allowed me to expand my coding and create some amazing scripts and tools for both others and my own personal use. I’d highly recommend learning about it and reaching out for tips and ideas. Some great resources are as below:

The AutoHotkey forums are a great place to search for answers to questions you may have. There are some extremely knowledgeable people on the forums, and as long as you provide the right amount of detail to assist with your question, they will help you work out how to achieve what you set out to do.

The-Automator is run by Joe Glines. He does an amazing job of teaching the ins and outs of AHK, and has a vast range of topics on his site, and hundreds of videos on Youtube. Luckily, I discovered Joe’s site early on in my journey into learning AHK, and have both benefited greatly from his posts, videos and his training courses on Udemy. I can’t recommend Joe’s content more highly, especially if you are just starting out with AHK, start with his videos (watch this first) and training courses.

DuckDuckGo: Almost everyone has or does use Google to search the internet. However, for an alternative that doesn’t create a fingerprint of you, check out DuckDuckGo. Their mission is to set a new standard of trust online, where your data is private and they provide additional information about how to protect your data online.

Tomato Timer: As part of being more productive and looking after my mental health and ability to focus, I learnt about the Pomodoro technique. Instead of having an actual, physical timer, or requiring the use of an app, there’s a useful website that allows you to run a standard, 25 / 5 pomodoro timer.

•  WeTransfer: Prior to the rise of cloud computing, transferring large files across the internet was difficult. WeTransfer is a site that allows for transfer of data up to 2GB. If you’d like to share larger files without needing to send a link to your online data storage, take a look.

10 minute mail: Need access to something on the internet, but it requires you to enter your email to gain access? To avoid receiving continual spam emails afterwards, utilise the online site 10 minute mail. It creates a temporary email that you can use, providing an inbox to receive any correspondence, without compromising the security of your primary inbox.

Internet Archive: Do you have a bunch of bookmarked pages that are broken? Or perhaps you want to check out how a site has progressed over time? The Internet Archive is building a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form.


Some from the people I know:
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