I’m going to use this page to post all the links that I have found in my travels over the interweb so far. Some are educational, others are weird but most are just hilarious! If you enjoy a good laugh, check these out!

Or check out my posts relating to the various websites I’ve come across.

Some from the people I know:
* http://www.ankhou.com/ – The creator of the Submeg logo and business card. Hit him up for work!
* AlisonKate – Check out her amazing art! (You must be logged into facebook)
* http://oldschoolgameblog.wordpress.com/ – A blog from another classicamiga member. Dedicated to all things retro!
* http://thecommodoreamiga.com – See above! This one is dedicated to only the Amiga
* http://laneymcmann.com/ – An acquaintance from the land of blogging. Information about writing, check it out!

* http://www.dustandgrooves.com/ – A site for music collectors
* http://www.the-breaks.com/ – For all those elusive breaks!
* http://www.ultragraphik.com/database – Another sample list site, currently being remodeled (in French)