Writing Tips – Mind Maps: Environment


Writing Tips – Mind Maps: Environment

An important part of any story is the environment that it is constructed in. Without a set environment, the reader will not feel as if they are contained within the story; which will lead to them being disconnected. Ensuring that the reader is connected to your story is the main objective of an author. When a reader feels connected, it is more likely that they will enjoy the story.

There are three main sections that are involved in describing the environment; when the story occurs, where the story occurs and the surroundings. Below is a mind map of what aspects of the environment I feel should be included in a story.

The timing of the story is quite important. This will impact upon both the location and the surroundings contained within the story. It can be either set in the past, present or future. The next consideration is whether the past or present savings are to be based on facts or are they to be created through fiction.

The next thing to consider is where the story is to unfold. There could be multiple locations contained within the story and these will need to be explained well so that the reader can understand the environment that surrounds the characters. It’s no good telling the reader about the surroundings if they’re unsure exactly where it is taking place.

These descriptions give the environment depth. Explanations of sounds, objects, landscape, weather and everything in between build in layers upon the basic structure of the environment. These are what help form a picture in the reader’s mind; the challenge is providing enough information so that the reader can form their own view, without saturating the text with descriptors.

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