Increasing Your Imagination – Ways To Open Your Mind: Part 2

I have already given some tips on how I allow myself to think differently to come up with new and different thought patterns. I thought I would extend this, and give even more ways to extend your imagination.

5. Look at things differently – Look at a common everyday object. Ignore the actual reason it exists and think what else it could be used for. A fork may be used for eating, but it also makes a great catapult, a place to hang objects, a back scratcher or even an interesting variation to a paintbrush. By looking at things different, you will start to associate different objects that have no correlation whatsoever and could lead you onto a completely

6. Brainstorm with others – When you surround yourself with other people, they will have different ideas to you. The more people the better. Pick a topic, and begin talking, have a voice recorder or jot down important points. Eventually, something will stir in your subconscious and you will realise something.

7. Why – The more you ask this question, the more you will pick at things. If you don’t understand WHY, find out. Research, immerse yourself in the topic, and learn as much as you can until you stop asking why and start asking how.

8. Art & Design – Artists, designers, architects, musicians and dancers are some extremely creative people. Read about these topics, look at paintings, listen to music and watch dance acts. They will capture your imagination, and help you to think on a different level.

9. Acrostic square – Start with a word. Any word. Then, look at the next letter of that word. Think of another word. Then, look at the next letter of that word. Think of another word. Keep going until you are racing along.

and so on…

Hopefully this helps you with extending your imagination. Tell me what else you do to think differently.



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4 replies on “Increasing Your Imagination – Ways To Open Your Mind: Part 2

  1. I’m looking at 6 out of 9, that’s a good average I think. Music for me is HUGE. It inspires me like nothing else does. Drawing/doodling, yes. 5, 6 & 7 as well.
    Running is one of my keys to unlock my brain..with the ipod blaring (bad for the eardrums, I know). Good thoughts here!


    1. If I could run where I didn’t have to worry about traffic, then I’m sure I could let my mind wander, have to stay sharp though!


    1. I actually haven’t tried meditation. I do sometimes sit with my iPod playing and just sitting there doing nothing…I guess you could call that meditation. I try and eliminate all ideas from my mind, but they seem to come flooding in!


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