Incarcerated A man whom was free, open and alive In love; a happy man, no struggles to survive. His world torn down, mind encased In concrete and steel; happiness now replaced With confusion, fear and sadness. A mind once filled with colour now bleeds with blackness. Each day a repeat, the thoughts replayed Swallowing his … Continue reading



Aftermath Eyes pressed tightly shut, while I wait for the dust to settle And the echoing screams to stop. I stumble to my feet and examine the ruins Of shattered dreams and fallen mountain tops. How did this occur, where were the signs? Did I cover my eyes or I didn’t wish to believe? Words … Continue reading


The Captain

The Captain On a hot summer’s day, when I were just a lad I was a small little boy, running along, wanting to help me Dad. I would scrub the planks and make them shine So he could relax, sit back and enjoy his time. It didn’t bother me, no I didn’t mind For it … Continue reading


I Don’t Have To; I Want To

I Don’t Have To; I Want To Dawn breaks, sun shining through the shades Roll over and grab my phone and say hello; always the first. Greet you every morning; wake you without any warning. I don’t care if you’re sleepy or feeling your worst A smile graces your face as your brown hair sways. … Continue reading


It’s Obvious

It’s Obvious People say they can already tell My walls collapsed – see how hard I fell. The connection is there Insecurities and fears stripped bare. Even though it’s obvious – got to the time Take it slow and wait til you become mine. CHORUS: It’s obvious – the love between you and me Unique, … Continue reading


How Can I?

How Can I? The deck of life shuffled, the cards dealt face down Puzzled, I arrange them as best I can. Hands fly, chips swirl; not going as I had planned Sit back, take a breath – this will all turn around. How can I trust it will all work out and let it be … Continue reading



3AM 3AM and my mind does twitch The man inside wakes, he flicks the switch I try to stay still, I try to sleep He has other plans; pulls me from the deep. Lay on my side, keep my eyes closed But he laughs, he sniggers – he knows It won’t be long, I cannot … Continue reading


Broken Angel (Meteor)

Broken Angel (Meteor) Laying on my back, staring up into the night sky Watching the stars, moon and clouds drifting by. Mind free, completely empty; no longer ask why Soul set free – said my ultimate goodbye. Mind awoken by the blaze – tops of the clouds Grazed by the meteor; hissing the only sound. … Continue reading


My Own Man

MY OWN MAN Made the decision, the hard call To be here, by myself; do it on my own. The phone doesn’t beep, doesn’t ring at all Got to be my own man, got to do this alone. No one here in the evening, no one here at night No one here in the morning, … Continue reading



LONELINESS The darkness rolls in once more But there’s no one coming home To knock at my door. The happiness and love long gone All that’s left is an empty blackness; Refrain from reach out – Stay strong and resist. CHORUS: Days and nights smashed into one No one to turn to, nowhere I can … Continue reading

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