There You Were

There You Were I’d shut myself off from the world Locked the door and thrown away the key Promised myself never again – didn’t need the pain But then there you were. Time to focus on me now, forget about the beautiful girls Shut my heart, shut my eyes, so I couldn’t see Smile and … Continue reading


The Gentleman

The Gentleman The gentleman: a rarity; a dying breed. A patient, caring man – solid and dependable Always there in times of duress To support and cater to every need. An upstanding citizen, morals to uphold Witness and victim of cases of injustice His kind and positive nature won’t fold. A considerate man, burning with … Continue reading


Glabrous Gorillas and Perfumed Peacocks

Glabrous Gorillas and Perfumed Peacocks Standing in line at the door, confused Not sure where I’m going anymore A gym or a nightclub, not too sure. Gorillas wearing loose tank tops Peacocks in tight fitting Lorna Jane. Each a clone; duplication in droves No originality – all looking the same. Internally I laugh; so much … Continue reading



BLIND Is this the truth? Is it really happening? My walls and insecurities, Seem to be falling. The warmth in your smile, The rise in your voice, Contained in a mystery – Remain hidden by choice. Candles burn through darkened night, Exposes the corners of your truth; Splashes them with enchanting light, Revealing every part … Continue reading



DOORS Unexpected and out of the blue Came out of nowhere Into my field of view. Thought nothing of it; just someone new. I said hello, you said “oh hi” I can’t explain it, I don’t know why But this felt different Have to see this through. CHORUS: Your truth is hidden An open heart … Continue reading


Thanks To You

Thanks To You Thanks to you I was crushed and destroyed Pieces of my heart and soul scattered on the floor Years of my love thrown aside and annulled. Left with nothing when you walked out the door Replaced with tears, pain and anguish Sleepless nights and endless days Prayed for your return to extinguish … Continue reading


I Will; But I Won’t.

I Will; But I Won’t There are many things that I would do for the woman I love But there are also many that I can’t compromise, those won’t budge. I’ve learnt many lessons over the years Through the smiles, the laughter and the tears. I won’t accept jealousy and mistrust Those thoughts left unchecked … Continue reading



UNEXPECTED Sitting at home, pondering the choice To suit or not to suit, asked my inner voice. I choose the sophisticated option, slipped on the slacks Gathered my keys, phone and wallet; didn’t look back. Meandered through the crowds, the city alive Live music and laughter filled me with happiness inside. Climbed up the stairs, … Continue reading


11 Questions to answer BEFORE you write the first line

11 Questions to answer BEFORE you write the first line I have been planning my novel for a while now and each time I have gone to start writing the actual text, something has always come up or it hasn’t felt right; something in the storyline hasn’t clicked. Over the course of the last couple … Continue reading


You’re So Beautiful

You’re So Beautiful You’re so beautiful, I saw you from across the shore Sitting there, hair flowing down your back Staring out at the waves, contemplating life Enjoy the simple things, whilst taking time out. You’re so beautiful that I was frozen to the core My mind confused, eyes glazed over, thoughts off track Looked … Continue reading

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