I’m going to use this page to post all the links that I have found in my travels over the interweb so far. Some are educational, others are weird but most are just hilarious! If you enjoy a good laugh, check these out!

Or check out my posts relating to the various websites I’ve come across.

First, a couple of links which I’m personally involved in.
* – Of course, the facebook page.
* – For those that can remember, the amiga was a computer that first appeared in the late 1980s and lasted until the mid 1990s. Due to poor business decisions, the company folded. However, the legacy of this great machine lives on. This site is dedicated to preserving everything Amiga related. Some great games were released and you may be surprised at the number of games that are popular today which had humble beginnings on the Amiga.

Some from the people I know:
* – The creator of the Submeg logo and business card. Hit him up for work!
* AlisonKate – Check out her amazing art! (You must be logged into facebook)
* – Swimwear design by Ivana and Katerina
* – Holli’s blog
* – Liam’s DJ page, has been DJing for longer than me!
* – Angus’ band, Guilt Free
* – Skinny B on Soundcloud. Check out his remixes and mashups
* – Ben Dring is an up and comming film maker from Adelaide. Keep track of his progress here.
* – A blog from another classicamiga member. Dedicated to all things retro!
* – See above! This one is dedicated to only the Amiga
* – An acquaintance from the land of blogging. Information about writing, check it out!
* – An acquaintance from the land of blogging. Information about writing, check it out!

* – for things that people have noticed and once you notice them, your life will never be the same!
* – for random art, design and all things in between. Just a collection of cool stuff, that incidentally, you will like.
* – similar to likecool, but different.
* – when photographers get it right, they can get some amazing photos at the right second. They reside here.
* – People turning the world around them into their own playground.

* – A site for music collectors
* – For all those elusive breaks!
* – Another sample list site, currently being remodeled (in French)

There are so many here, I can’t describe them all, so I will just list them so you can do a bit of discovering yourself!

I’m sure there are more, but those are a good starting point. Once I find more, I will post and add them to the list.


One Response to “Links”
  1. Laney says:

    How did I miss this Leigh? Thank you for the link;))

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