Art With A Twist: Jelly Bean Portraits

Art With A Twist: Jelly Bean Portraits

I know I have been quiet lately (working hard on a project, stick with me!) but I thought it’s time to add another art with a twist entry.

Using food as an art medium is tricky, but could it be more tricky when using thousands of…..jellybeans?! To find out, check out Kristen Cumings and her pieces:

Very impressive!

If you have found or make unusual art, send me a link, will gladly add it to this series!

Come check out therest of my Art With A Twist series!


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2 Responses to “Art With A Twist: Jelly Bean Portraits”
  1. Love this! Have you seen impossible photography by erik johannson? I think his work spells “unusual art” or unusual photography!

    • submeg says:

      Oh really? I will look it up! Thanks :) I also have another post series to do with awesome photography, so if you have any that should be added, let me know!

      EDIT: Yes I have seen these images, but didn’t know who they were by! Thanks!

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