Composition Skills Required – Apply Within

Composition Skills Required – Apply Within

I’ve been quiet here lately, reason being that I have been getting back on to the music making wagon. Went through all the tutorials for the Maschine, which has proven to be very beneficial as I can now see how it all works. This is great and for instruments such as drums and samples, it has been easy to create what I can picture in my mind. For more in-depth instruments however, it’s not so easy. You can’t just mash together some sounds and hope that it will all turn out, because nine times out of ten, it will sound horrible.

Now I’m in the position of creating a test track to get my head back into it and after adding some drums and guitar, I can tell that the song needs a horn section, but having absolutely zero knowledge of brass instruments, I’m quite stuck. I’m going to have to get stuck into some theory/composition so that I can get my head around how to construct the different sections of songs to add in. Will take a while, but at least I will be making some headway.

Time to do some reading up on it all I think.


music, DJing

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