Welcome 2012

Welcome 2012

A new year is here and with it brings hopes and dreams as people set themselves resolutions. In my case, I’ve used it as a deadline, rather than the day to start new goals. Between boxing day and NYE, I was able to finish off rating all the songs I had outstanding and convert these tracks to wav to use for DJing. I also cleaned up the second room so that I could sit at a larger desk and finally work on:

a) writing
b) Maschine
c) Ableton

I did have another table that I could work on, however, it’s not big enough. The second reason why is that it’s in the living room and the T.V. is quite distracting and stops me from focusing on what I need to work on. It was fine when rating tracks, as I only needed to listen, now I need to use all my senses so I have to block out distractions.

Finishing off these last few CDs that I’ve bought over 2011 and then onto music study! Learn my instruments!

Let’s go!


music, inspiration, bucketlist, DJing

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