Art With A Twist: Stop Motion

Stop Motion

I enjoy varied and engaging art. One of the interesting art forms that I found quite a while ago was that of stop animation. As the years have gone by, the subjects covered by stop animation have become quite varied, and it’s always interesting to come back and check out what things have been created since the last time I checked.

Stop motion has been around for a long time; it is unique in that objects are moved in small increments and photographed to make it look like the object is moving on its own. Movies and television shows have been created using this technique, but I find the more creative and random clips to be the most interesting. An artist by the name of PES has some absolutely amazing clips. Ones I would definitely recommend you watch are:

Another very interesting stop motion clip is Hitchiker’s choice. This is now in clay form! This has always made me wonder what goes through this person’s mind to be able to draw these things! Very interesting!

There are also musicians who use this technique to create songs that wouldn’t be able to be created in real life. An amazing one is the flight of the the bumblebee on guitar. Definitely worth the watch!

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