Totally Useless Facts (TUFs): Weather Extremes

Totally Useless Facts (TUFs): Weather Extremes

During my job, I’ve had to do some research into weather extremes. Some of the information that I have discovered is quite interesting, albeit useless.

Hottest temperature: 57.8 °C, Al ‘Aziziyah, Libya: 13/9/1922
Coldest temperature: −89.2 °C, Vostok Station: 21/7/1983

Most rainfall in a 24 hour period: 1825 mm, Foc-Foc, Réunion: 7–8/1/1966
Least rainfall per year: 0.00 mm. None in recorded history in Antofagasta Region, Atacama Desert, Chile

Fastest wind gust: 407 km/h, Barrow Island: 10/4/1996

Come check out the directory for the rest of my TUFs!


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