Yep, they are almost here! One more day and no more work until next year! Excellent! This means that I will have time to knuckle down and exercise like a maniac! Will also mean that I can spend more time on music, creating things I’ve wanted to make and expand my creative side. I’ve been thinking about dance more and more lately, really want to get back to it. Looking at more freestyle dance rather than just pure breakdance, as you need specific conditions.

Another point of interest would be writing. I’ve had these ideas floating around, but due to more focus being placed on working out music related issues, I haven’t had time to really sit down and get the ideas out. Bit concerned about this laptop at the moment, seems like it could be dying in the power supply area…sometimes it refuses to turn on. Will have to back up my data and have a look! Mind you, this laptop is almost 6 years old now, so it could be getting close to the end, but I really like typing on this machine, it is extremely soft to the touch and very responsive. I’m using it for very little these days, no music, no video…so basically it’s running text only. I don’t mind, as it’s perfect for what I’m using it for. So if I do start using it for writing, I would have to ensure that it wasn’t going to fail on me.

Apart from that, I will also be looking into sports possibly, I miss being able to play sports, seeing as they are good fun! Most likely some sort of soccer? Not sure!

Time to sleep so I can tackle the last day for the year!


music, body, writing

One Response to “Holidays!”
  1. submeg says:

    And now my spacebar has failed so I have to hit the little sensor in the middle of the keyboard…this sucks!!

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