Body 2: Run Forrest Run!

Body 2: Run Forrest Run!

Very excited right now! I just went for a run, and I have been doing a system where I have jogged the first half of the run and then I have walked the whole way back, then I ran one block on the return leg, then two blocks, then three blocks etc…so today I was up to four blocks, when I got to the end of four, I decided, hey why not keep jogging for as long as I can? I still felt really good til almost the end, so I decided to run the whole thing…I worked out my speed when I got home and I ran it with an average speed of 14 km.h-1! Woo! So now, when I do the corporate cup, I know I will be able to get under 30 mins for the 7km run! That was my goal last year, seems that I’ve got there before it’s even begun. My next goal is to try to reach 25 minutes for 7 km, which is 16.8 km.h-1, will be interesting to see if I can get there.

So tomorrow is time for weights, I’ve been slack, didn’t do any over the weekend, so will have to do a good set tomorrow….but right now, I need to lay flat on the floor and stretch out my back, been giving me a bit of trouble for the past couple weeks :/ not fun!

Then time to do some research into which music software suite I will purchase! Exciting!



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